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Wedding Toast to Nirmala and Ranjie

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This is my wedding toast
to my dear niece Mala,
and her new husband Rangie.
They were married on June 23, 2007.


Mr. & Mrs. Ranjie Persad,
Family Members,

I must confess that I was deliriously happy when I was asked to say a few words on behalf of the Bride. Long before she was a bride, indeed, when she was a very little girl, Mala and I had a little expression that we shared between ourselves. I wonder if she remembers it? It went like this - "Don't worry with the rest of them. We have colours!"

And later on, when she was not yet a teenager, she went with my two daughters and me to the mall. We were paying for our purchases when the lady at the cash register told me very confidentially - "Out of all your daughters, this one resemble you best". And she was pointing at Mala.

So you can see why nothing in the world could stop me from saying a few words about this bride. But what can I say about this young woman who has made us all so proud over the years? I think it would be best to limit myself to a few comments about Mala the Vet, Mala the Musician, and Mala the Fighter.

It really didn't surprise us when Mala decided to become a Vet; for she had been a diligent student throughout her school career, and she has the success to show for it. She knows how to choose a mountain and climb it. And I am sure that this trait will serve her well not only in her professional life but in her married life as well. While we are speaking about Mala the Vet, I was going to warn Ranjie that it is dangerous to pick a fight with a vet because of a particular operation they are trained to perform. But Sarojani said I have to behave, so we wouldn't go there.

And now Mala the Musician. We have all heard her play the pan in church, and we know how talented she is. But music for Mala is more than just talent. Her late Grandfather used to say "if you want something, go out and work for it". I don't know if he actually told her this, but Mala has certainly lived it in her music. Where others reached Grade 4 or Grade 5 and said "this is enough", Mala made it all the way to Grade 8. Such stick-to-itiveness bodes well for her marriage. And dare I wish that she and Ranjie will make beautiful music together?

And last, but not least, Mala the Fighter. As a little girl, she swung a mean roundhouse right. For Ranjie's sake, I hope she has outgrown it. But like her Daddy before her, she is deeply affected by injustice, and she really doesn't enjoy humor at another person's expense. I am sure that in her marriage she will continue to fight for what she believes to be right.

Before I close, I want to tell you two anecdotes about Mala, sent to me by two of her cousins who could not be here but who send their love. Sumi sends a bit of advice to Ranjie: "based on past experience, spiral staircases and glass sliding doors should not be combined when Mala is around". Sarojani's story is about a broken glass-top table, and a little girl who so wanted to warn her cousins of the danger that she said "it's broken, so don't pass your hand here ... oops!".

I am sure there are more stories that others will tell. For myself, I now ask that you join me in this toast to a loving daughter, a wonderful niece, and now a beautiful bride.


Mala need not worry. She will always be my "spoil chile". And yes, we still have colours!