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G K Sammy's Family


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My Dad


This is my Christmas (2003) gift to all three generations of my family - the Gibsons - in Oklahoma.  It is sent with lots of love.  No piece of writing (creative nor technical) has brought me greater enjoyment in recent years than crafting these few lines.



My Dad doesn't share my DNA,
and some folk say
that it's all pretense
(but they are wrong).

Dad doesn't share my country.
There are miles of sea
between us
(but that can't separate us).

My Dad respects women
because he wants to
and not because he has to
(and so do I).

My Dad believes in hard work
and honest effort
and the joy of success when it comes
(and so do I).

My Dad loves his children
and worries about us
and glories in our achievements
(and I love mine).

Dad has great inner strength.
He's protective
when he has to be
(like I try to be).

My Dad is a gentleman
and a gentle man
who cares and isn't ashamed of it
(and I want to be).

My Dad does not share my DNA
but I share Dad's heart
and I share his soul,
and that's what counts.
(It is enough!)


 special thanks to Joi and Wilbur Jr.
          for the secret agent stuff!