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GKSammy - Poems

One Last Smile
Last Smile
Coconut Christmas Tree
An Echo
Cricket Calypso
My Dad
Cricket in the Road
And then What?



"I’m glad you came to see me, son,
You made my day seem bright",
and then through all his pain and tubes
he gave me one last smile...

that smile was his encouragement
in everything we tried...

that smile for our achievements shared
so we could see his pride...

that smile would say he gave us room
to fail and try again...

that smile dried tears from our eyes
and helped to ease our pain...

that smile was sweet as gummy bears -
his little toddler’s treat...

that smile was optimism
that nothing could defeat...

that smile was strong, as he was strong,
to face up to the world...

that smile was all the mischief that
he kept within his soul...

My Dad would not give up when told
there simply was "no hope".
He kept his humour to the end
and blessed us with his smiles.

I know we cannot fill the void
that he has left behind,
but I will carry on because
he gave me one last smile.