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GKSammy - Poems

Last Smile
Coconut Christmas Tree
An Echo
Cricket Calypso
My Dad
Cricket in the Road
And then What?


This light piece remembers cricket played in the road, and also celebrates some West Indian cricketers of a while back.

The Bowler:

"Howzat, Umpire? Send him out,
that was plain caught behind!
How you could say the ball miss bat?
You stupid or you blind?"

"This man done score a set of runs.
He plan to bat whole day?
If I could bowl one fast straight ball
I'll knock his stumps away."

"Is Malcolm Marshall bowling here -
my bouncers could break bones!
You shut your mouth! Don't say my pace
is more like Larry Gomes."

The Wicket-Keeper:

"Oh God, he voop and hit again.
Look how far that ball fly.
Is like when Vivi hitting out:
ball bowl - bat swing - goodbye!"

"Aye, look, you see Old-Lady yard?
Don't hit in there at all,
because that stroke is six-and-out
and we will lose the ball."

"Old-Lady dog eat seventeen
wind-ball this year alone.
So every time I get the chance
I pelt him with a stone."

"Look, all-you try and out this man
I tired wicket keeping.
Howzat!! Not out? Look, Umpire,
you either drunk or thiefing."

The Bowler:

"You see how fast I bowl that ball?
You see how much it swing?
Not Greenidge, Haynes nor Carlyle Best
could put bat to that thing!"

"You 'keeping or you liming, man?
Look, they just take a bye!
I know your name is not Dujon,
but try nah man, just try."

The Wicket-Keeper:

"This batsman just like Larry Gomes -
he steady as a rock,
but if he bat till darkness fall
I wouldn't get my knock."

"Look, Captain, change the bowling round.
We want a Tony Gray,
a Holding, Walsh or Patterson -
we want to bat today."

"This batsman feel he's Richardson.
He wouldn't out at all.
That's it. Game done. I going home.
Give me my bat and ball."