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This was written especially for my niece Emily Ann.


Emmy punched up Santa
she hit him really hard!
Emmy punched up Santa
and now she's feeling bad.

According to the Sheriff it
was Christmas Eve, at night,
that Emmy whooped poor Santa
with two lefts and a right.

Emily was sleeping
and dreaming of new toys
but then she was awakened by
a creepy-crawly noise.

Emmy thought a robber
had broken-in her house.
So Emmy got on tip-toes
as quiet as a mouse


Emmy wasn't frightened.
She didn't cry "boo-hoo".
'Cause Emmy knew Karate and
she knew just what to do.

And there in Emmy's living room
beside the Christmas Tree
she saw a little fat guy
with a beard down to his knee.

"This guy is trying to rob us"
was the thought in Emmy's head.
She never wondered why a thief
would dress up all in red.

Now, Jordan, he was sleeping.
He didn't hear a thing.
He couldn't help poor Santa
When Em began to swing.


But Emmy's brain was screaming
"Protect your Family!"
So Emmy whacked poor Santa
with a vicious 1-2-3.

Poor Santa groaned in agony
he didn't stand a chance.
Then Emmy whacked him one more time
on the seat of his pants.

So Santa called the reindeer
"come get me out of here!"
He catapulted to the sleigh
and flew high in the air.

And Emmy felt triumphant -
she had saved her family home.
The Gibsons had not lost a thing
to that burglarizing gnome.


Then after several minutes
Emmy looked beneath the tree
and there her Christmas presents
were all that she could see.

Then Emmy's eyes began to cry,
she thought her heart would break -
'cause Em began to realize
that she'd made a mistake.

"That little guy was not a thief"
she thought, after a pause.
I'm really very sorry that
I beat up Santa Clause.

But there's a silver lining
back of every dreary cloud,
and Emily's heroics
must surely make her proud.


And Em deserves a medal
because this little girl
fought hard to save the people
she loves most in the world.


Christmas is for children, and thoughts of how to make them happy.
This little poem certainly made Emily happy!